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Automatic case feeding device for increasing the loading capacity of FC30, FC35 and FC45 case erctors.

Cases are loaded laid and feeded thanks to two motorized chains mounted on a mobile motorized holder.

An adjustable case support side makes the alignment easier when cases are loaded.

Loading capacity: 500 cases, depending on case dimension and thickness.


— Completely electromechanical functioning.
— Easy loading with no need to stop the machine.
— Fast and easy changeover.

ACF93 case storage units are supplied with use and maintenance manuals in local languages. Bortolin Kemo also gives a complete client-training service, technical assistance and spare-parts supply.

PD002201ENIMG2Loading capacity: ca. 500 cases

Loading type: lying cases

Carton feeding: motorized chains

Functioning: electromechanical


Размеры коробов

Снимок экрана 2014-11-24 в 16.50.28     PD002206ENIMG3



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