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Very high-speed case erector with continuous handling instead of pitch handling.

The FC95 has a patented mechanical system with a series of synchronized kinetic systems that perform every operation, from flat case opening to lower flaps folding. After that, flaps are pressed by a continuous-motion final pressing station with cam-driven pressers.

Reachable speed: up to 80 cases/min.


— Single motorization with motion transmission by means of cam-driven kinetic systems.
— Completely mechanical case opening station, without suction cups and without pneumatics.
— Fixed and mobile folders for case bottom pre-forming with rotating cam with vertical movement for opening the major flaps when minor flaps get folded.
— Final pressing station equipped with thrusters that are driven by pneumatic cylinders.
— Overturning system for the outfeeding cases.
— Electrical board with PLC and HMI.
— Additional case storage unit available.

FC95 case erectors are supplied with use and maintenance manuals in local languages. Bortolin Kemo also gives a complete client-training service, technical assistance and spare-parts supply.

FC95Максимальная скорость: 80 коробов/мин

Установленная мощность: 4,15 кВт/ч

Давление воздуха: 6 бар

Расход воздуха: 500 Нл/мин


Размеры коробов

Снимок экрана 2014-11-24 в 16.50.28     PD002206ENIMG3



Hot-melt units
Possibility to equip the FC30 case erector with hot melt units that can also be supplied by the client, instead of the standard hot melt unit.
Case storage unit: ACF95
In order to reduce the need of human intervention, it is possible to couple the FC95 case erector to the ACF95 case storage unit.
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
Possibility to equip the machine with a PLC customized upon client specific needs.
Robotic systems for case automatic feeding: ACP2000
In order to improve case feeding automation level, Bortolin Kemo develops both electromechanical and robotic case feeding systems.



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