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The 3EST version of the packing monobloc includes three stations:

Case preformer: it performs carton opening and minor lower flaps folding. It then drives the case on the conveyor belt.

Partition or layer-pad inserter: it performs partition picking, opening and inserting inside pre-formed cartons.

Case packer: pick-and-place unit for inserting containers inside the case. It can be equipped with different pick-up systems depending on specific product. Picking-heads can be fixed, mobile or self adjusting.

Reachable speed: up to 500 cycles/hour.


— Pick-up unit with fixed-trajectory arc movement.
— Different pick-up toolings available, upon product specifics: vacuum bells, mechanical pliers, magnetic heads.
— Automatic case conveyor with automatisms and controls for case feeding.
— Case centering device.
— Picking head support installed on guides for a quick and easy changeover.
— Picking-head number can change upon production needs.
— Vacuum picking heads for partitions.
— Controls for checking if partitions are correctly open.
— Easy-to-load and high-capacity partition storage unit.
— At the machine outfeed a RANDA case sealer can be installed: this machine performs upper and lower flap sealing.

3 EST packing monoblocs are supplied with use and maintenance manuals in local languages. Bortolin Kemo also gives a complete client-training service, technical assistance and spare-parts supply.

PD006802ENIMG2Максимальная скорость: 500 циклов/час

Установленная мощность: 3,2-4,2 кВт/ч

Давление воздуха: 6 бар

Расход воздуха: 410 Нл/мин


Размеры коробов

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Pick-up units
Picking heads are supplied either with manual or automated adjustments. It is possible to equip the machine with a self-adjusting pick-up head.
Touch screen
The machine can be equipped with a touch-screen panel to simplify user-machine interaction.
Control systems
The machine can be equipped with controls to detect broken or fallen bottles, sensors for counting bottles, sensors for ckecking product presence and flow.
Crossed-bottle packing
Machines can be equipped with a special device for head-to-tail bottle packing, keeping line productivity unaltered.
Adjustable guides
Manually or automatically adjustable guides, for composing the lanes where the product is conveyed to pick-up position.
Bottle guided-accompainment tooling
Device for limiting the thrust of in-feed bottles and for guiding them in picking position; this device is useful specially when packing PET bottles or when labels are very delicate.



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