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Укладчики перегородок


Automatic machines for inserting carton partitions inside the cases.

Bortolin Kemo partition inserters are very precise and reliable even at high speeds. In any case, Bortolin Kemo partition inserters are able to cover a wide range of speed.

Every model can be customized in order to operate with containers already inserted in the cases and also when the partition must be inserted before the product.

Partition inserters model


Partitions used by Bortolin Kemo machines are standard partitions used during glass containers packing process, which are employed in the following industries:

— beverage
— spirits
— food
— chemicals

and, in general, when the container must be protected against hits and scratches.

Bortolin Kemo technical staff is at Your complete disposal to evaluate and confirm the technical feasibility for every single package.




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