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Machine designed to insert two partitions per cycle for any partition format.

Only in the case of 2×3 partitions, model MA 91/4 can insert four partitions per cycle.

MA 91 partition inserters can be set-up to work both with and without pre-inserted containers inside cases.

Reachable speed: up to 4.560 cases/hour.




— Vacuum picking head.
— Main motor equipped with a kinetic system for a fast and smooth movement without vibrations.
— Controls for checking if partitions are correctly open.
— Easy-to-load and high-capacity partition storage unit.
— Machine is equipped with a motorized vibrating belt when the partition has to be inserted inside cases with containers already inside.

MA 91 partition inserters are supplied with use and maintenance manuals in local languages. Bortolin Kemo also gives a complete client-training service, technical assistance and spare-parts supply.

MA91Максимальная скорость: 1250 циклов/час

Установленная мощность: 3 кВт/ч

Давление воздуха: 6 бар

Расход воздуха: 100 Нл/мин


Standard case and partition dimensions

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  • MA91
    Vibrating conveyor belt
    The vibrating belt can be 1 or 2 meter long and is installed at the machine outfeed. This device allows to insert the partition without applying any external force. Speed and vibration frequence are adjustable.
    Touch screen
    The machine can be equipped with a touch-screen panel to simplify user-machine interaction.
    Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
    Possibility to equip the machine with a PLC customized upon client specific needs.



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