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Fully automatic machine for horizontally banding palletized loads with a narrow band of stretch film.
This type of machine is particularly suited to applications where there is a need to secure a stack of products that do not require the overall containment of stretch film.

Several bands can be applied either at the same time or, by reversing the pallet, a second band can be applied by the same head. The band strip is driven upwards, out of the way, during the reversing cycle.
Another popular application for the Roboband is when a label needs to be attached to the pallet but the label must not or cannot be placed directly onto the load – such as crates/kegs etc. The label is applied to the band itself during the banding process.

Roboband can be used for an output capacity up to 150 loads/h.

Total net weight: 1600 kg
Film feed height: 250-550 mm.
Max production: 150 loads/h
Total power installed: 4 Kw
Standard power supply: 400V TR+N-50Hz
Protection on electrical system and motors: STD IP 54
Operating pressure: 6 +/- 1 Bar
Air consumption: 150 NI/I’

Min pallet dimensions: 600×800 mm.
Max pallet dimensions: 1300×1100 mm.
Standard pallet height: 2000 mm.

Film closing and welding system activated via air cylinders mounted on ball bearing guides with casehardened guides.
Complete sealing control system.
Electrical panel with PLC and operator panel for self-diagnosis.
Film reel lifting motor using a worm screw for high precision and safety.
Reel holder unit with clutch controlled rollers, also available with motor-driven unwinding for unstable loads or very light loads (model M.F.D.S.). Version 2VH available with two pairs of reels. Possibility of using two different bands to stabilise the product (very thick) and/or for label support (thin) (EN 128).
Temperature-controlled transverse sealer resulting in a high strength seal.
All operations performed from above, to allow machine installation on existing conveyors.
Seal cooling system to prevent heat build up.
OPTIONAL Pallet conveyor system, using rollers or chains.

The machine is available in two versions:
Roboband 1VH (one band)
Roboband 2VH (two bands)

Reel height: 100-500 mm.
Reel external diameter: max 500 mm.
Reel internal diameter: 76 mm.
Film thickness: 30-150 µm.
Type of film: LDPE + LLDPE



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