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Athena CS 450

ATHENA CS 450      ATHENA CS 450 tech

The ROBOPAC Athena CS 450 automatic shrink wrapping machine is the ideal answer for high production needs, reliability and strength in the packaging sector using heat-shrinkable film. The user-friendliness and versatility of the Athena CS 450 join with technological solutions that reflect the state-of-the-art in this packaging sector. In fact, the shrink wrapping machine is offered with the technological content present only in the highest range of this sector and at the same time maintains flexibility of use and operates without equals. The design of Athena has led to the realisation of a shrink wrapping machine that offers the operator great immediacy of use, many possibilities to adjust work parameters in order to adapt to the various situations and also great simplicity regarding maintenance and access to units.

The continuous sealer and cutting device are at the heart of this shrink wrapping machine and in this sense they not only offer great performance and high work rates on a large number of products but also noteworthy duration and easy intervention. The shrink wrapping machine is inherently safe due to the presence of total sumping and at the same time transparent so as to make monitoring of the working process possible.

With the Athena CS 450, ROBOPAC confirms and re-launches its commitment in the construction of shrink wrapping machines for top quality packaging and undisputed added value for the customer.

Carico bobina_(1)
The Combi spool-holder compartment has been designed in a front position, with a pull-out hatch, in order to facilitate spool loading.

The needle perforators are completely guarded to prevent any contact with the operator.
Easy side regulation and possibility to exclude each individual group according to requirements of use.

Sfrido 450(1)
Independently motorised scrap recovery wheel controlled by film tension. The collection unit, placed on the operator’s side can be easily monitored and allows easy extraction of the scrap material.

Tappeto ingresso(1)
The infeed belt, made with anti-slick material, is easily adjustable to adapt to various dimensions of products.
Independently adjustable side guide to facilitate manual product positioning in the loading phase.


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