Роторная этикетировочная машина для самоклеящихся этикеток

Self-Adhesive labellers Z-Adhesive

Z-adhesive labellers are self-adhesive rotary labellers that apply self-adhesive labels on cylindrical or shaped containers made of glass, plastic or metal with top reliability and precision.

ADL’s structure ensures consistently high production speeds.

Main fields of application are: beverages, mineral water, food, milk, chemical

Maximum production speed: 60.000 bph


  • Servomotor-operated infeed screw
  • Plate drive unit with mechanical cam or servomotors
  • Group self-adhesive motorized independently
  • Output range
  • Linear speed: 140 m/min


  • NON-STOP labelling system
  • Mechanical, optical orientation system or with cameras
  • Labelling quality control system
  • Installation of coders and stamping machines (ink-jet or laser).

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